Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Schwartz e-juice

Yesterday I heard of a company named The Schwartz. One of my friends gave me a sample pack of three different juices. The sample pack came with juices called The Upside, The Downside and Comb The Desert. All the juices I got were in 3 mg nicotine. 

The Upside: 
A lite yogurt flavor blended with sweet strawberries reminiscent of your favorite tubed dessert that when inhaled makes you feel like a kid again

The Downside: 
A tart Greek yogurt flavor topped with fresh blueberries that will leave you wanting a second serving. There is no other "All Day Vape" like it. 

Comb the Desert: 
The perfect blend of peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt and crushed hazelnuts, neither of which are overpowering and will keep you coming back for more. 

I am a big fan of peanut butter and hazelnuts but have never found one that really makes a good e-juice. What I am not a big fan of is being able to taste the nicotine over the actual flavors but with the Comb the Desert I actually taste the flavors more then I do the actual nicotine. So far Comb the Desert is my favorite flavor and will be trying the other flavors very soon. 

So Cal Vape Life

I have been vaping the last couple of years and have been slowing starting to really understand what the vaping world really is. Currently I am living in Southern California and there are is a very big vape community here. There are many types of shops that are selling different kinds mods and e-juices.

In this blog I will be talking different mods, e-juices, and what ever is happening in the vape community.